Toddler Program

Attentive Care for Toddlers

18 Months - 3 Years Old

Toddlers thrive on consistency, and the attention span of a toddler is very short. Therefore, our toddler classroom has a set daily schedule that provides your children with the opportunity to safely explore their surroundings.

At Stepping Stones Child Academy, toddlers are given a chance to move about their classroom and make independent choices about what they would like to do. Activities are planned and based on the skills and interests of the children in the classroom.

We use Creative Curriculum, a complete curriculum that provides our teachers with guidance and inspiration to provide loving care and engaging experiences for toddlers.

This is the stage in which children may begin to become interested in potty training. Our teachers are trained to support the families during this stage of development.

To know more about enrolling your toddler at Stepping Stones Child Academy, please call today. We’ll be glad to give you a same-day tour, and same-day enrollment is available.